2016 Florida College

Carolina Camp Registration

Closed until 2017

Camp Dates: June 26 – July 1, 2016

Camp Cost:

$295 per camper by June 01
**Snack-Shack – on-site
**All remaining Snack-Shack dollars go toward FC Scholarships for Carolina Campers

Refund Policy:
Request for registration refunds after June 1st will be reviewed individually.


June 01, 2016

Full payment must be paid online or mailed in at the time you fill out your application. All necessary signed MEDICAL forms must be remitted by Jun 1st in order to reserve your spot.


Online Payments Only through Active camps

Mail to Address (for forms):

355 Union Street South, Concord NC 28025

Medical Form – must be notarized 

Forms and Stuff…

Camp Location

Camper FAQs

Camper Packing List

Banquet Detail – 

Campers and Parents

A few details to pass on to you. 

1.This year, we will have a snack shack where the campers can purchase snacks in the afternoon. These snacks are things like soda, vitamin water, Gatorade, pretzels, candy bars and granola bars. This is not mandatory but an optional thing. We have a camp bank at check in for your kids to deposit cash into for the week. Every day their “bank account” can be used to purchase snacks. On Thursday, all remaining funds will be donated to our camp scholarship fund. There will be absolutely NO refunds. An average camper may put $10.00 in the camp bank as a suggestion ( that would buy them a snack and 1 drink every day) If your camper brings any snacks on their own for night time or bc of dietary restrictions, they must be in a sealed airtight container (to prevent ants and roaches) and they must fit under the campers bunk bed. 

2. Banquet details 

Group 1 and 2, which is campers who have completed 5, 6, 7, or 8th grade, will be having a themed dinner of Star Wars. This can be mild or wild! Go full out in costume or just wear a mask, or a Star Wars t-shirt. Have fun with it! They will be having a picnic dinner so be mindful of the heat when choosing your outfit. 

Group 3 and 4, which is our campers who have completed 9, 10, 11, and 12th grade, have a themed dinner of “Around the World”. This can be any country, any culture, any time period. This theme is very broad so be creative and have fun with it! The queen of England will be in attendance so look sharp:) 

Some suggestions:Some suggestions:

-An athlete, a celebrity, a political icon, or musician from any part of the world. 


-french painter


-Hawaiian Luau 


-TV personality

- Viking



3. DRESS CODE reminder: Our rule for camp is that shorts must be knee length. That does not mean 2” above. It means shorts that come to the top of your kneecap. Also, if you are running with the black fly running club, or wearing your swim suit cover up, our dress code still applies! Go to Walmart or Kohl or Old Navy and grab some boys sport shorts for cheap. Nothing glamorous or expensive. We will ask you to change if you disobey this rule. Thanks for your compliance on this. 

Ok, I  think that is all for now. Hope you enjoy the next week of your summer. Stay active to prepare for our week together. 

If you would like to lead a devotional in your cabin in the evening, please be working on that now. Let your parents or a mentor from church help you outline it. Devotionals in the cabin are 5-10 min long. 

A separate email sign up for the boys to lead camp-wide devotionals will be sent out this week.


Thanks! Make it a great day!! 

Micah and CA