Florida College Carolina Camp 

Q. How do I register for camp?

A. Registration opens Feb 2016

Q. When is camp?

A. Camp begins on Sunday, June 26 and ends on Friday, July 1st

Q. When must I turn in my application and other forms?

A. June 1st is the deadline for registration unless all beds are full before the deadline.

Q. Am I fully registered for camp without the medical form?

A. No.  To be fully registered, you must have your medical form filled out and notarized.

Q. When must I pay for camp?

A. Full payment must be paid online or mailed in at the time you fill out your application. All necessary signed forms must be submitted by Jun 1st in order to reserve your spot.

Q. When should I arrive at camp?

A. Children should arrive at camp for registration and cabin assignments between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

Q. When should the children be picked up from camp?

A. Your children should be picked up from camp no later than 11:00 a.m. on Friday, July 1st, 2016.

Q. How are cabin assignments determined?

A. By Age/Grade levels. Experience has taught us that grouping similar maturity levels together help campers enjoy a less stressful and more positive camping experience. Sharing an environment with peers and a counselor who can relate to only one specific age group eliminates confusion and complements the camping week.

Q. Who may come to camp?

A. This camp is designed for campers in grades 5 through 12. (Going into 5th grade). ONLY! No exceptions.

Q. May we (parents) visit camp during the week?

A. You may only visit on Thursday night for the Talent Show. There are hotels in the area that you can stay at after that, so you can pick your kids up on Friday morning.  Parents, if you want to go to camp, there is a camp for parents called “Labor Camp” its on the Florida College campus.  It is esteemed as the best camp above all 22 Florida College camps.

Q. What may I bring to camp?

A. You should bring a Bible, appropriate clothes, bedding, toiletries and items for talent show and/ or banquet night.

Q. What items are NOT allowed at camp?

A. We have a Black Out Electronics rule at camp, which includes especially CELL PHONES, IPODS, CAMERA PHONES, ETC. THERE WILL BE NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES! All electronic devices that are found will be taken for the week and your parents will be notified. No tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or firecrackers are allowed at camp.

Parents, if you or your child decide to ignore this rule, you run the risk of your child being sent home.  Do not challenge this rule it is for the safety of your children.

Q. What will I do when I arrive at camp?

A. 1. The campers that have submitted all the required forms and have paid all fees prior to the first day of camp need only to check in at the main lodge to receive a name tag and cabin assignment. You may then go to your cabin, unpack and enjoy free
time until 5:00 PM when camp officially starts.

2. However, for all of you procrastinators, you get the grueling task of waiting in line to tie up all those loose ends. NO FUN!!! We hope you don’t spend your Sunday afternoon this way.

3. Turn in to the nurse any medications that you will be taking this week.

4. Attention Parents: No loitering! … See ya Friday! … Love ya!… Mean it! Seriously, since we have provided a means for you to have an easy registration, with no waiting in long lines, we do need you to move along. You are invited to come and support your kids Thursday night at the Talent Show, and we hope that you’ll make plans to come! Bring your cameras!

Q: Will the camp provide a piano, etc. for my little girl to play in the Talent Show?

A: No, if your child requires an instrument to play in the Talent Show.  You need to bring it with you.  NOTE: The campground, camp staff or fellow campers will NOT (repeat NOT) be responsible for the safety of your expensive belongings.

Q: If my child has homework from summer school due during the week will you make sure they get it finished and turned in?

A: Ummm, No.

Q: What is the day in the life of a Florida College Carolina Camper?

A: (example only) Breakfast, morning chapel and announcements and devotional, Bible study, society challenges, cooperative challenges, lunch, Playtime (Ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, ropes course, noodle hockey, basketball, shackshack, crafts, tether ball, swimming, etc),  dinner, evening events (skit night, eco-challenge, FC Friends, bonfire, singing, evening devo, etc), curfew 11PM, midnight devos for older cabins.